Emergency Care

There are no emergency fees in our office.  We only charge for the x-rays we need to diagnose your problem.  Before we perform any treatment we will let you know the cost of treatment and if you have insurance benefits we will determine your benefits.

If you have a dental emergency we will be happy to see you. Call us as early in the day as possible so we can find a convenient time for you to come in.

One of the special things you will discover about our office is that we understand that emergencies happen and we make sure we have time to solve your problem. Whether you just have a sharp edge on a tooth or have been up at night with a toothache, we'll get you in.

We leave time each day to accommodate emergencies and are usually open 6 days a week so we are there for you.

After hours, please call our office at 734-981-4040 and follow the instructions.

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